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CompuNerds was founded in 1999 by Larry Spinak, to promote truth, justice, and good data backup habits, without taking ourselves too seriously.

At the most basic level, computers are tools for harnessing and amplifying brain power. Whether you use your computer to write the Great American Novel, cure disease, or just balance your checkbook, whatever your goal or dream, our mission is to help you do it.

To that end, we pledge to conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, professionalism, and clarity.

The Founder

The Founder


I wanted to let you know that I no longer feel I have to throw my computer out the window just knowing that Andre is a phone call away. It is such a relief knowing that Andre will fix my computer to my satisfaction most of the time within 8-24 hours. I don’t have to take my laptop into the store and wait days for them to fix it. Andre can usually fix my computer by remote. Plus Andre isn’t out to sell me more items that I don’t need. In fact, he finds free downloads to service my laptop. For example, I run Malwarebytes and SuperAnti-Spyware free versions every week. (This is probably over kill but better safe than sorry.) Andre is patient with me and never over charges me. I would recommend Andre to anyone who is thinking of throwing their computer out the window. -- Pat Norwine

"Hi Larry- Things are really looking up for you- I am so pleased, and it's well deserved. Andre was extremely pleasant, and did a great job. I even had an emergency and he was here within the hour!!

If all your techs work out this well you won't have to worry."


"While traveling abroad, I wanted to get my PC to work on an existing Mac wireless connection. I contacted a computer service I had used successfully before, and they sent a man to look at my set-up.

Several hours later, my 'repairman' and his telephonically connected boss declared it was impossible. I refused to believe it, went on line to CompuNerds via iChat and within 5 minutes, Larry had the problem sorted out. I was then up and running.

Thank you CompuNerds, not only for finding a solution to what others declared unsolvable, but also for being there when I needed you."

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"Larry Spinak and Compunerds are the best! Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable - they're like your own personal computer whiz. Their guy Andre helped my dad the space scientist get all the latest tech innovations and Dad was so impressed! They have my highest recommendation!"--Chellie Campbell, Author, The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire


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