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The newest article is an introduction to Netbooks.

Symantec Antivirus Resource Center


An excellent source of information about the most current viruses, and a place to download specific virus removal tools. An active group of forums where you can search for answers, and post your questions to a group of helpful professionals
Vipre My favorite spyware removal and protection program.

Computer Recycling Info

These links are a good starting place if you're looking to dispose, donate, or recycle your old computer.
Worthwhile Referral Sources A group of pre-screened and pre-qualified business people in the L.A. area. Check with them to find everything from an acupuncturist to a wine consultant. I'm a member of this organization.


Mike's photography blog is full of excellent articles and photos!

Mike is an amazing professional photographer and my little brother. If you need somebody to photograph your wedding, or if you're looking to purchase an exquisite art print of the natural world, he's your guy. Visit his site even if you're not in the market for anything. You'll be glad you did!

My Bookshelf at BookCrossing is a terrific site where you register books on the net, give them away for free, and then track their progress around the world.

Terrific fun and a great way to get all those books off your shelves that are gathering dust, and get them into the world!

Groundwork Coffee Co. Organic, ethically-sourced coffee, roasted and brewed locally. Yummy!

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